29 May 2015

Comment:Filipino language defenders ask SC to stop Ched Memo Order 20

The Filipinos are not waking up from the colonial days.

Though their forefather Rizal fought hard for the freedom of colonisation, the youngsters are too busy on the Facebook, Twitter or other social medias to boost how good the Philippines is.

Certainly, the island country has lots of things to be learnt and studied. The one thing that they prefer to be lost is the languages in the country.

“Less students are taking up Filipino as a major. It’s cultural euthanasia,” he said.

English language speakers in the world are going to be a small number but the Filipinos, due to the ignorant and prefer to trade the mother tongue for the colonial language.

Filipino teachers in high school who support Tanggol Wika said they could only do so much to help their students speak Filipino, let alone “intellectualize” the class discussion. -


When the people in the Philippines can wake up to realise the change in the epoch of internet ?

We should use Esperanto as our ASEAN community language, do not push English to be the one. Indonesia stopped teaching English few years ago. Do you want to learn Bahasa Indonesia again for 900 hours or 150 hours of Esperanto ?

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