14 April 2013

More to live

"At the time of colonisation there were about 250-300 indigenous languages in Australia. Around half of those languages are now gone."

Nothing surprise if you read this statement. More of it will be if you can ponder further.

It is good to read that few Indegous languages are on the way to breath again.

But to the ASEAN level, it is still a very long way. It is not only the people not aware of the treasures of the languages,but also the governments are not putting efforts in maintaining these treasures.

Certainly, these revived languages will die again in future if there is no common language to protect them. The inequality of resources of the indegous people will finally force these people to abandon their forefather treasures.

If the government and the society as a whole really looking into this process, they should pressure the government to teach Esperanto in school and other languages as the elective.


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