08 March 2013

Esperanto religious universities or colleges

This Christian university advertisement keep poping up on my facebook. I was curious to read on a small print that all units are done at home.

As a distance learning student almost entire life of mine, it certainly caught my attention.

Learning distance is hard for many as it takes the courage as well as the determination to success. I did that and am still doing it.

This university certainly use English as the medium of instructions. I just wondering any Esperanto association of religious group can come up with something as this one for all the religions.

I don't propaganda for religion neither I am a religous person, however, I feel that in the society of today there is a need to balance the spiritual and body for some people to surivive in the harsh world.

It would be good especially for the buddism as the Chinese buddhism is incorporated with the Taoism and there are ghosts etc which is not a truely a teaching of Buddha. Therefore, if there is an Esperanto buddhism schools, more people can interchange the ideas.

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