13 March 2013

America should choose Esperanto as a common language

According to the wilkipedia, English is not the national language in America, it is only de facto language.

Certainly, I would not put my mother tongue away if I am immigrating to America.

Once you like to take in immigrants, you have to prepare for the mixed culture and a mixed language situation.

Despite Australia is going multiculture but someone commented that it is multiculture but not multilinguals.

It is very similar to Malaysia, those who are dominating the politics are immigrants but the true natives, Orang Asli are being put aside in the mainstream activities due to the poverty and language problem

Therefore, America should consider using the Esperanto to unite the people for not wasting the time and money in battling which language to use.

It is similiar to Malaysia but alas, the constitution was written with a national language which was created by the former colonial master. They still want the colony using their language post independence.

Sadly, they never expect that their native tongue, English is leaving the world arena soon according to Dr Ostler.


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