16 March 2013





看看澳大利亚的研究,这是发表在 Deakin 大学的2012年校讯中的部分报告。

If you take a global public health view,we find there's a receding tide of almost all major medical disorders. But the non-communicable life disorders-- and depression is one of them, are increasing.'

The researchers have looked at three lifestyle factors and their links to depression:activity in childhood,diet and smoking.

'Childhood is a period of rapid brain development,and physical activity in early life may have beneficial effects on the important brain proteins, inflammation and oxidative stress.'

Involvement in sport also influences the development of important coping and stress management skills and sport participation is linked to enhanced emotional wellbeing in adolescence.

From Depression prevention, a step to peace of mind, by Sally Holt, page 7,D magazine,issue two 2011, Deakin University.

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