26 March 2013

Do you still want to learn English ?

English is dying in 90 years from now, or maybe earlier than that.


This is how a dominate language would be ended up. But, in fact, it takes too long. The Malay language in Indonesia died the moment that Indonesia proclaimed independence. Where is Malay or Bahasa Melayu is mentioned in the Indonesia history, but rather alter to be Bahasa Indonesia.

If you are smart, you would learn Esperanto, a langauge which is recognised by UNESCO in 1954. Besides, Esperanto has many advantages of it, especially for the children.

Now there is a Malay version for you to learn Bahasa Esperanto. Sila klik di sini atau ms.lernu.net

聪明的你,要选择那种语文呢?如果是想学习世界语Esperanto, 联合国教科文组织在1954年承认和推荐的语文,可以选择在线学习,还是从巴西站下载。


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