30 January 2013

What the head thinks ?


Life in China is not easy. In a land which has the largest amount of two legs human, surviving becomes the priority. You can see the picture. the young interpreters are quening to get jobs. But again, the Chinese Interpreter Association does not preparing for the change.

Needless to say, this group of people would not support Esperanto as the common language of the world. If Esperanto becomes the common langauge in all sectors, would the interpreters lose the jobs?

The answer is NO. There are still tons of books of literature for them to translate. There are still language lovers around to read different genre of texts. For some areas of translation, it might be affected, however, it is just the same as the evolving of internet, the change is there,many products were out of the market. People are happier than before.

If you can communicate with anyone on earth without have to learn 10 languages and bring the interpreters around wiht you, would you like to have a common language in the conferences ?

Well, in the age of internet, cyberspace or whatever words you want to name them, things are moving and changing fast. Before you graduate from the translator course, the change of the market demand is occuring there.

What I feel sad is because the young ladies have to stand at the conference venue to ask for the job but not the interpreter association arrang them for interview with the prospect employer for the job.


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