17 January 2013

Is English an International language ?

I was trying to use the Google translator. The following passage from Esperanto to English and other languages showed the similar word, English, the International language.

Edukado.net estas virtuala komunumo de instruistoj, kursgvidantoj kaj memlernantoj de Esperanto, la internacia lingvo.

English translation:

Edukado.net is a virtual community of teachers, kursgvidantoj and self-learners of English, the international language.

Now, I wonder someone has to tell the google to be more neutral in this area. The Internantional language should not be translated into English.

The wikipedia describes it more nuetral as :

"International English is the concept of the English language as a global means of communication in numerous dialects, and also the movement towards an international standard for the language. "

Yes, it is just the CONCEPT of someone but many could search the net and found the International language, English.

But many websites from the universities and colleges are using the term which is badly scripted.

English is mainly as a lingua franca, on the certain area but not internationally. However, many teachers are not aware of it, specially those from the Asian countries as they are mostly colonies of British in the past and that remained unchanged English is the international language.


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