02 January 2013

The readership,users vs number of esperantists

It is always the number that makes the head turn.

But many may not believe it as numbers can be made up.

This suggestion did not get any good response and I could sense the frustration of the member who left the group.

On the whole, the suggestion should be considered and it might be making the forum page one part and the learning page another part. Thus we can know how many people have registered for learning.

Many esperanto learners may not be using the lernu site as there are few pthers on the net like the kurso.com.br

Certainly, the Chinese would use their own books and sites in abundance,

How to present the numbers of esperanto speakers is a silly question. Can anyone get me the number of Urdu users ?


My friend sent me this mail and told me to put on my blog. A well manage site would do that, afterall, the system can do it but not manually. I ignored the company as it is a gay site.

Your  xxxxx  account has been suspended for the following reasons:
We noticed that you haven't logged into your account for over 1 year.
Your account has been deactivated and will be deleted within the next 30 days!
At   xxxx.eu we take great pride in maintaining a database of current valid users so we delete accounts that are no longer being used. Your account has been deactivated because it has been such a long time since you last logged in. If you don't want to keep your account, please ignore this email and your account will be deleted automatically.
To stop your account from being deleted, please log into your account now:
Nickname:  cccccc
  Password:  ddddddd
If you feel your account has been suspended in error, please reply to this email and include any information that would help us resolve the above issues. Be sure to include the content of this message in your reply.

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