26 January 2013

Natives of America

Just wondering the Eperantists in America have contacted these people and diseminated the information about Esperanto ?

If these American indegenous people have grown to have such a big industry, it should be able to reach them easily.

Look at how the youngsters are self-killing because they have lost their culture.

Certainly, the Malaysians would not understand the pain of them as the Chinese, Indians and even Malays are self giving up their own cultures.

Native youngsters are particularly affected by community-wide grief stemming from the loss of land, language and more, researchers reported in 2011. As many as 20 percent of adolescents thought daily about certain sorrows—even more frequently than adults in some cases, the researchers found. “Our kids hurt so much, they have to shut down the pain,” says Garreau, who is Lakota. “Many have decided they won’t live that long anyway, which in their minds excuses self-destructive behavior, like drinking—or suicide.”

Read more: http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2012/10/10/american-indian-youth-in-crisis-tribes-grapple-with-a-suicide-emergency-138794



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