27 August 2016

Universal Esperanto Association does not represent all Esperanto speakers in the world.

You can,maybe count the professional football players but not players in the world.

The scholars of the world, please,wake up from your dream

No one can count the number of speakers of Esperanto. Just as you cannot count even your mother tongue speakers as they may move from place to place and speak other languages.

Yes, someone said that, s/he will use universal esperanto asocio (UEA) membership to judge the using of esperanto.

If you are a serious scholars, you will not make such a silly move, using unreliable data to put it in your data bank.

How many people join the UEA, not many. If they are not interested in universal congress, why they bother to join the UEA ?

Do you join all the associations related to your profession ?

Do you use the World TESL data as the indicator of TESL teachers in the world ?

Well, any Tom or Harry knows what it is to use the number of membership.

Why bother to know the number of Esperanto speakers ?

If you like it, learn it and meet friends from all around the world.

Esperanto is recommended by UNESCO and UNWTO.  The internet age should make you smarter but not sillier to provide wrong information to the public.

Esperanto is the second language of each home.

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