23 August 2016

Comment : PM unintentionally reveals struggle to learn English with list of clangers

If he is smart enough, he should speak Esperanto.

Why let other people dictate your ability in only one colonial language.

Many people rather suffer this kind of ridicules but do not fight back with Esperanto.

How easy to learn Esperanto ?

Yes, a 12-day course is awaiting you.


Do not let you down just because your English language is bad. Now, Brexit, Britain will no longer in the EU, and certainly, English is out of EU, who are still thinking English is a global language must be absurd.

Now, if your English is not good, forget about English, but learn Esperanto. This is the reason why UNESCO and UNWTO recommended Esperanto 6 decades ago.

Do not suffer any longer of language torture, especially English language.


Mariano Rajoy’s interview at his private Moncloa Palace residence may have been intended to help him open up in a personal way ahead of the December elections, but instead it has opened him up to mockery.
The Spanish leader, who is seeking re-election in December, showed journalist Ana Rosa around his home for a glimpse into his daily life for Spanish news broadcaster Telecinco on Monday.

Rajoy has continually been mocked for not being able to speak English very well. During Eurozone talks about the Greek debt crisis over the summer, a photo of Rajoy seemingly looking sad and left out from a group of other leaders went viral with jokes about his lack of English bringing him down.

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