19 August 2016

Comment: Economic Merging of ASEAN: Will language be a problem?

UNESCO resolutions and other NGOs resoltuons

YES and NO.

If the member countries of UNESCO respect UNESCO resolutions to teach Esperanto in schools, the problem is solved within a year.

If more politicians are still maintaining the old concept of using English, which will be vanished from European Union as Brexit has started.

The non government organisations, NGO should be ashamed of for causing such a problem as they are not living in the internet age. UNESCO passed a resolution in 1985, urging all international NGOs to use Esperanto, alas, until now, only a handful of them are really respecting the resolution of UNESCO 1985.

So, you are one of the NGO members, you should know how you can help to solve this problem in the most simple way and delightful way.

Esperanto elementary course can be done in 12 days. Try it and see how and why UNESCO and UNWTO recommended Esperanto for international communication.


Do not fall into the silly talks of your politicians, wake up and tell your politicians to change the education system and save the cost of learning English. Learning English needs 3200 hours but learning Esperanto needs less than 200 hours.

English will be soon vanished from the European Union if you know that Brexit happened.


The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) 2015 is already underway. In less than a year, ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nationa) countries will already merge their economies, in more or less the same way as the European Union (EU). Though there is no plan for a unified currency, in several aspects, the merging will have a huge effect to the member countries (Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, and Viet Nam). This includes the labor force, trade, business, engineering, agriculture and other industries. In short, now that the region solidifies its economy, it will require the citizens to interact more with their neighbors.

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