13 August 2016

If you are silly enough, go on to the machine translator

Esperanto is not only good for international communication but also go for brain 

There is another new device appearing in the market.

Using the head devices.

Yes, you know language is the problem in the world. You always maintain the old opinio that translator is the best choice.

Of course, the IT companies are fighting tooth and nail to have the new market shares. They will point out to the fact of how good their invention is.

But, mind you, just use 12 days to learn Esperanto and you will clear all the devices in your journey. Try it here http://learn.esperanto.com

Don't say that less people speak and use Esperanto.

Well, ask your government, if your government is a member of UNESCO, why the politicians never respect UNESCO resolutions 1954 to teach Esperanto in schools. Secondly, ask the non government organisations, NGO, why they never respect UNESCO 1985 resolution to use Esperanto. If you are a member of the NGO, tell your committee to respect the UNESCO resolution.

Besides, if your government is a member of United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), you should tell the tourism minister and ministry to use Esperanto in order to respect the Manila Declaration 1980 to use Esperanto.

Yes, if you are silly enough to risk your life to use the machine translation when your battery run out or the device go haywire, you will be in deep troubles.

Wake up and do not follow those who are against using Esperanto, especially those English speakers. Certainly, other languages too.


Most of us have found ourselves in the awkward situation of trying to communicate in a foreign language. Sometimes it’s funny. Sometimes it’s embarrassing. And sometimes it’s downright disastrous. But thanks to a new translation device that easily fits into your ear, the days of struggling to speak the local lingo might soon be a thing of the past.
The device is called The Pilot system and Waverly Labs is the company behind this brilliantly simple yet potentially groundbreaking idea. When it hits the shelves in September, the system will allow the wearer to understand one of several foreign languages through real-time in-ear translation. A handy app will allow you to toggle through the languages you want, and the selection includes French, Spanish, Italian, and English. It’ll retail for $129, and you can pre-order one here. Or you can just keep talking to people really loudly and slowly in English. Good luck with that

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