09 February 2016

To the Europeans, you can speak more than 2 foreign languages easily if you learn Esperanto

Think creatively, which language on earth is not man-made ?

It is interesting to read the Special Eurobarometer 386 survey. The reports stated that:

  •  Europeans are most likely to say that free lessons would make them significantly more likely to learn or improve skills in a language, mentioned by around three in ten (29%). Around a fifth of Europeans say they would be significantly more likely to learn or improve language skills if they were paid to learn (19%), if they were able to learn it in a country in which it is spoken (18%), and if it improved career prospects (18%).

  • There is a broad consensus among Europeans that everyone in the EU should be able to speak at least one foreign language, with more than four in five (84%) agreeing with this view.

Page 8 Special Eurobarometer 386 Europeans and their Languages

Here are answers few of your doubts:

free lessons-- there are many free of charge online Esperanto lessons, you can download it to your computer too. Even if you have to pay to learn Esperanto, it would only take you one tenth of your learning fee of other languages.

learn it in a country in which it is spoken – why are you so non confident about yourself in language learning ? Yes, it is true that if one learns a national language of that particular country, it is best to be there thus you can be able to speak better as the accent , intonation etc. but Esperanto does not require accent, therefore you do not have to travel to that particular country to learn Esperanto. In fact,beside Hungary has more Esperanto learners, that does not mean Hungary Esperanto is the accurate and the best model.

at least one foreign language – yes, with Esperanto, it is very easy for you to reach this goal within 200 hours of learning.

You may say that only Hungary is making Esperanto as one of the foreign languages, if you learn Esperanto online or with groups, your country is also full of Esperanto speakers. It does not have to wait for the directive from the top your politicians, they would not do it unless you want them to do it. They are there to serve you, aren't they ?

Thus,be wise to start now and equip yourself with a second language, Esperanto, which is recommended by UNESCO and United Nations World Tourism Organisations (UNWTO). If the leaders of your country do not respect the resolutions of UNESCO and UNWTO, why not you do it and help yourself from language torturing, especially if you do not like language like me. Esperanto takes you only 6 months but English may take you 60 months.

If everyone in Europe learn Esperanto six months, you are already able to communicate within your EU countries, certainly, we in Asia would also do it. By the way ASEAN has a larger population than EU. There are 600 million people in ASEAN but there are 500 million people in EU.

Can you see how fast we can get in good communication ? Yes, you are right, just 6 months. Besides, we are all fair. Please watch Dr Rao short film about how good Esperanto for you and for me.

Be a wise European or Europeans.

Note: you can visit Cambodiawith Esperanto as the Esperanto tourism is waiting for you there. Do you see that South East Asian people are speaking Esperanto ? Do not be misled by the literature online saying Esperanto is a man-made language, which language in the world is not man-made ?  

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