02 October 2015

Let us make Esperanto as one of the official languages in the United Nations

Look here, and think.

If your national language is not listed in the working language of United Nations, come and work together to make Esperanto as one of the working languages in the United Nations as well as other international organisations.

Why you should be forced to study English, French,Spanish or even Chinese, Russian and Arabic. How many years you are forced to be in the desk for the abovementioned languages. Certainly, most of the people do not think about it as whether it is fair to the non native speakers of those languages.

Yes, I am telling you from my perspective of language experience. Non of the languages, so called nature language, (oh,gosh, who on earth created that word nature but without knowing all languages are made.) needs more than 700 hours, what is 700 hours equal to ? Well, at least 8 years of studying.

Is there a language which can be learnt less than 200 hours ? Yes, there is, it is Esperanto, which is recommended by UNESCO for international communication.

Learning Esperanto saves cost, time is money, this would save you tons of money. Take a look on the simple calculation. If your language learning needs 700 hours but if you learn Esperanto, it is less than 200 hours. 700-200=500 hours. Fine, what is the concept like for 500 hours you have earned from learning Esperanto. It is about 5 years of your time.

Your children will be much happier. The 500 hours can be well spent in many other subjects. Your children certainly will be more talented.

Come and join us for pushing Esperanto in the United Nations as one of the working languages.


Beside earning much economy for your family when you support Esperanto in United Nations, there are a range of goodies for you and your future generations, environment protection etc. Read more at Malaysia Esperanto Studies Group.

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