10 October 2015

Comment:Lack of Asean standard will limit movement of labour in AEC

As the December approching, many ASEAN leaders are forcing the people to learn English. How stupid these politicians are.

Do you think they do not know the language called Esperanto ? If they do not know the word Esperanto, they are sleeping in their political career and you better vote them out.

ASEAN should use Esperanto as the communal language but not English. Which country in Asean uses English as the national language ?

Why the Asean should use Esperanto as the communal language is clearly expressed in the petition. If you have not sign up for your future generation, better do it now.

Read the linguistic inequality which imposes in each and every country. How the  professionals are able to move within the region ? We do not need to say about the common people who are less educated ones would never able to contribute to the growth of the economy.

Read the quotes and think further. Esperanto is easy to learn, within 200 hours , everyone are able to communicate to one another. Do you think learning Thai language is easy ?

If you have not travel far and wide, do not argue with me for the language problem. If you can leave out the translators during the Asean meeting, tell me what language you are using ?

Within 200 hours, all people in the Asean regions can communicate better and no misunderstanding occuring.

Why the politicians are not supporting the use of Esperanto in ASEAN ? It is because they are afraid of losing their power in the politics.

Vote your politicians out if they do not support the use of Esperanto.

Just in lern.net learning site, you can find 7 Asean languages for the people to learn it. You do not need a lot of teachers to teach Esperanto.

How many people are learning Esperanto in Duolingo ? Read for yourself.

A qualified medical doctor from any foreign country who wants to practise in Thailand will need to take a three-part examination: Two theoretical sections in English and a practical section in Thai.
"We think communication is important," says Medical Council of Thailand's president Somsak Lohleka. "If you don't understand, how do you examine the patient?"
Dr Somsak says the medical licence examination has been tweaked over the years to ready it for new conditions under the AEC. The entire examination used to be conducted in Thai, he pointed out.


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