17 October 2015

Comment: Parents laud move to split UPSR English exam as right step to boost language mastery

Who gave the right to these idiots for advocating the system of education in Malaysia ?

Now, how can this assciation said to be the parents association ? Did they get the consent of the all the parents in Malaysia ?

I doubted it as my family is not informed of it till I read about this report.

Malaysia has too many silly heads who read nothing but money and selfish.

They are too selfish for their own children but not the children of the nation.

Please, we do not consent at all for your post as the parent association unless you can show us all the parents are the members of the association.

Besides, these silly heads never able to read beyond the money. They are just wanting more money and their own children can study overseas but not  others.

English is in the decline in the world. But many newspapers in Malaysia did not report about it.

Just search the net, 75% of the people in the world do not speak a word of English.

Wake up Malaysians, bangun rakyat Malaysia.

Foreign language in a country should be an elective but not compulsory. Look at the politicians in Malaysia, how many can speak perfect national language, that is Malay?

We do not want English to be a compulsory subject in Malaysia.

Change it the politicians, otherwise you will be regretted later.

Respect the UNESCO resolutions 1954 and 1985, teach Esperanto in Malaysia primary schools.


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