08 August 2015

Comment : Punjab English teachers 'lake' of proficiency in language shocks education minister

India, why waste time to retrain English language teacher ?

Don't you know that in the internet age, more people know the right of their mother tongue?

In short, forget about the colonial language and teach Esperanto in India.

Conserve the languages in India.

Find out the advantages of traditional medicine and use it.

It is meaningless to use English. Esperanto can be used in United Nations too.

If you are from Punjab, change the government and kick English language out like Tanzania.

Learning Esperanto needs less than 200 hours. How much money you can save from it.

Esperanto is recommended by UNESCO since 1954. The unashamed non-governmental organisations do not respect the 1985 UNESCO resolutions to use Esperanto.

Let us change them, change the world.


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