15 August 2015

All should learn how to speak Esperanto

Should I learn how to speak Esperanto ? This article went with this tittle.

Certainly, you should. It is not only you but other readers too should learn how to speak Esperanto for various reasons, one of which is for your future generations.

Esperanto helps to save cost of learning foreign languages as well as it can be used in the United Nations.

Many people in the world, especially those in ASEAN or Asia regions are misled by the bad politicians who wanted to control the people and did not tell the people that UN accepted Esperanto as one of the languages.

If your politicians do not know what Esperanto is. They are idiots in the internet age.

Get them down from the chairs and elect the new ones.

If you are in the NGOs, do the same. Tell the presidents to respect the UNESCO 1985 resolutions to use Esperanto. If they refuse to do so, pull them down as those presidents who do not respect  UNESCO would not be respected by others.


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