06 June 2015

Do you think your English language is understandable ?

If you are a smart person who lives out of America, you should  know that you won't waste so much time on English language,especially when you are not a language lover.

Why learn American English and you cannot use it in the whole country ?

Needless to say those who live thousands of kilometers away from it.

English language is weird and not easy to learn.

Why not learn Esperanto, a language suggested by UNESCO since 1954.

Time is money. If you know how much time is invested in learning English language, you would be taking up English for the international communication. Yes, learning English needs 3200 hours but learning Esperanto needs less than 200 hours.

3200-200=3000 How much time you can have for other plezures.

Check it out in all the social media to meet your Esperanto speaking friends. You can visit Malaysia Esperanto Studies Group page too.

You may complain that it is because of business. Forget to deal with the English speakers for business. Deal with the Esperanto speakers the IKEF, international Esperanto  commerce and finance group started long time ago.

Esperanto is the best business language.


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