18 June 2015

Comment: Toward 2015 - Thai University under ASEAN's Future (Part2)

ASEAN should use Esperanto as the communal language.

Yes, no other better language for the region.

Certainly, the lady never walked into the paddy field in her homeland. She did not know, when she was in the Philippines, the arrangement for her to visit was selected.

Why she did not travel on her own for the investigation of how good the English level in the country.

She reads English but she did not read the BBC report, 75% of the people in the world do not speak a word of English.

Thais are throwing tons of money in recruiting the foreign teachers.

But the Thais cannot read good English just like Malaysians, thus they cannot search the web: decline of English.

The interview was done in 2010 but Indonesia announced stopped teaching English in 2012. I cannot blame her too.

But she should know the decline of English as she can use the Internet and read English. How good her English is, I do not know.

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