25 February 2015

Is English language easy to learn ?

What a shamed the NGOs did not respect UNESCO resolutions 

If the native born of English language agreed English is not an easy language to learn, and you are not a native born, why waste your time to learn English.

But many think English is easy to learn as the syllabus in their country is listing English level lower than the O level. I met an Indonesian, he said that English is easy to learn but his English not only the spelling is wrong but the expression of the sentences were totally not possible to be understand.

That is the system, when the schools gave out the wrong signals , the learners in the schools think English is easy to learn.

Go to the Facebook page and read the politicians from Malaysia, their English statements are horrible, some are even lawyers who graduated from the British universities.

Let the mother tongue people to struggle with their mother tongue language. Yes, if you are a language lover, you can spend another 10 years in this language.

Esperanto, recommended by UNESCO and supported by many international organisation, one of which is United Nations World Tourism Organisation. More read at the MESG page.

Now, the British is going to change the language system, what you learn now, may not be the use in the future.

A smart person would not hang on with a language which needs more than 5 years to learn it for the international communication.

Esperanto needs less than 200 hours and you can find many Esperanto speakers in Facebook, Twitter etc.


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