02 February 2015

I despise this type of people

Oh, ya, I knew Esperanto long time ago. Ya, it is now the international language.

Yes, come a day, perhaps in the next two decades, these type of people would come out and tell people about that.

It is the similar occasion when people are protesting on the street for the better government and there are people staying away from it.

If you are the one protesting on the street, you should know how the feeling those Esperantists are fighting for the equality of linguistics. Are you coming in to join hand to promote and also use Esperanto ?

Many people are waiting for the comfort days. They even purposely deny Esperanto is a language.

If you do not know Esperanto is recommended by UNESCO since 1954 and the shame again goes to the non government organisations (NGO) for not respecting the 1985 UNESCO resolutions to use Esperanto. They are purposely denying the knowledge of it.

The internet age will not conceal it. NGOs, please roll up your sleeves and start to use Esperanto.

Do not wait till the day, you say that phrase again and what a shameful person you are. Will I not despise you ?

Give me a good reason.

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