13 December 2014

Why ask for Esperanto native speakers ?

Don't you feel silly on this question ?

Many silly people wanted to topple the use of Esperanto in the world, making up a question which shows how silly they are.

Does the native speaker of a language is better than a non native speaker ?

I was a native speaker of Min Nan Hua. After leaving the community for more than 3 decades, I totally forgotten my native language. If you ask me whether I am a Min Nan Hua native speaker, certainly, my answers is YES. But does that mean I speak good Min Nan Hua compare to those who are living in the Min Nan Hua community.

Unless you come from a monolingual community that you never hear a second language before. If that is the case, learn Esperanto to help you in understanding what language is.

Free learning site are a lot, here are few that I can recommend to you.



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