03 December 2014

If you want to risk your life when you are travelling

For those with tons of money in his/her pocket, you may not be able to find a interpreter when you are in danger situation.

Certainly, again, those who travel very less who not support the use of Esperanto.

Even the backpackers, these people, they are all on shoe strings, which meant, they do not have much money in the pocket to employ interpreters when you are in the risky situation.

What I am talking about the danger ,is the time when you meet an road accident, falling sick during your journey of travelling etc.

With my personal experience, I was falling sick in Thailand. I need to see a medical doctor. But most of the medical doctors were unable to speak English, or reasonably good English. The communication was in terrible stage, I was in very critical condition but the doctor had to check the dictionary of English to know what I was suffering from. Even my colleage who can speak reasonably good English cannot translate it to me clearly.

I don't blame the Thai doctors. They are very good doctors. They have no right to serve one, once in a blue moon patient to learn English. They have to serve more of the local Thai people.

No matter how good your English was at that moment,you were completely helpless. If you had that experience before don't blame anyone, blame the NGOs in the world did not respect the 1985 UNESCO resolutions to use Esperanto. Otherwise you have know Esperanto. Again, you can blame your leaders in the country did not respect the UNESCO resolutions 1954.

Ya, you may say you may not be that unlucky one. Who knows ?

Nobody said that once you learn Esperanto, you cannot learn other languages. If anyone tells you about that, s/he is not knowing more about Esperanto. If the children are language lovers, welcome to enjoy learning more languages.

But what we are calling for is to use Esperanto as the International language.

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