16 December 2014

Comment: Should English be the only official language of the EU ?

Nothing new for this topic as EU is searching its soul for a united formula.

Fine, UNESCO had long given you the solution for the situation now. With rich history background of Esperanto, many Europeans are still so ignorance.

Well, just key in ' the decline of English language' you will get tons of information. Just as the debate post showed that how ignorance the Europeans are.

Less Esperantists are interested in this subject now as the Esperanto world has moved forward step by step. But alas, the Europeans are still denying the use of this neutral language.

The statics said Hungarians do not speak a second language, but Esperanto is almost the first choice of foreign language in Hungary now. The change of regulations for graduates in 2012 will propel the Esperanto one step further.

As usual Patricia Ryan made a very good comment and thumb up for you sinjorino.

How many Europeans want a free cup of coffee ? If you do, sign this petition and you will get it.

Hope the Europeans, especially the youngsters should know the translation cost in the EU not give you a free cup of coffee, if you support the use of Esperanto, will save your country tons of money, you will pay less income tax.

Ask yourself , how many are language lovers, if they are not, putting them in the class of English language is like putting them in the cell. Learning English needs 3200 hours but learning Esperanto needs less than 200 hours, in the case of European language speakers, maybe in 120 hours.

Like Indonesia, those who like to learn English, go to the tuition center, the cost of learning English is not borne by the government. Can you see how much your country can save.

Ya, please read GRIN report.


Don't you know Esperanto is the best business language in the world ?

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