11 December 2014

Malaysians, wake up

This is especially for the supporters of NGOs in Malaysia

As if English language is the best sword you can use in the world to battle for the right of the people. You are too silly. You did not watch the live telecast of the UN sessions. You did not read the language regulations in the UN.

As the Malaysia NGOs, why most of the messages in the FACEBOOK and other media are in English language. Can the Malaysians understand better in Bahasa Malaysia or in English ?

Time and again, telling the NGOs in Malaysia that 2/3 teachers of English in Malaysia do not reach the standard of O level. Can these teachers train good English language speakers ?

If you do not know the language learning in hours, let me provide you with some:

Learning Malay needs 900 hours.

Learning English language needs 3200 hours.

Learning Esperanto needs less than 200 hours.

Yes, touching on Esperanto, don't you have to use Esperanto for your NGO activities in the world ? Perhaps, you don't know the UNESCO resolution 1985. During that time, internet was not yet popular in Malaysia, you are not the UNESCO representative, thus, you do not know the resolutions. But, what epoch you are living in ? A touch of the key board, you are in the international event. And you still to refuse the use of Esperanto. In short, you show no respect to the UNESCO at all.

How could you be accepted by the people in the world.

Think hard Malaysia NGOs. Don't argue with me to tell me how importance English language is if you do not speak and write Esperanto to get more information.

Perhaps, you are afraid of losing your position as the representative from Malaysia if you use Esperanto as you never be able to learn as fast as other people.

Ya, this is the reason that most countries do not promote Esperanto because of the 'kia shu' politicians. But hold on, it is not all, Hungary has listed Esperanto in the examination. Just a matter of time, you will see Europeans are using Esperanto.

Are you the native speaker of English, by the way, my dear Malaysia NGOs representatives ?

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