16 October 2014

The salary of teachers of English in India can build all the toilets in the country

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The founding father of India, Mahatmat Gandhi would be very sad to know the current Indian politicians are supporting the teaching of English.

If you search the web with "Gandhi opposed the English language", you will get tons of information about it, whether opposing or supporting the idea.

However, the youngsters of India today did not realise the problem, even the Prime Minister, Mr Modi as well. Despite his saying not to use English, his Facebook page is flooded with English reports of his whereabouts. What he said and done are totally two different ideas to tell the world. Can you trust him more  now ?

The report of the girls of going to ease themselves and were raped and killed shocked the country and the world as well. If the government, rather the politicians, would introduce Esperanto in the schools and stop teaching English like Indonesia, this would save the salary of teachers of English. The money can build sufficient toilets in India.

I do not know how much the salary of teachers of English in India, here is just the basic calculations:

Learning Esperanto needs only 200 hours but learning English language needs 3200 hours. There might be 10,000 teachers of English in India, if Esperanto is replacing English language, the need of teachers of Esperanto is 1,000 and the salary of 9,000 teachers can be save to build toilets and other sanitation equipment.

English is the language for  the rich but not the poor.The politicians as well as Indians should realise that with the rise of China, English language is in the declined.  Let the rich family employ their personal tutors if they like English language.

Be wise and help the country you are in whether it is India, Malaysia, China etc to promote the use of UNESCO recommended language, Esperanto.

Now, you know why UNESCO is helping the poor countries, especially, to save cost of education and wipe out illiterate.

The Gandhi Foundation Page

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