12 February 2013

indegeous people

It is disheartening to read this kind of report each time. The politicians would promise to keep all the citizens in the country to be fed, clothed and hava equal right.

But the truth is not as what the words came out from the mouth. Even the indegenous people are also trying to help the adminstration to kill their own group of people, especially the language.

There is no way to reach them, the indegeous people in the world.

The only hope is that, there would be someone who are kind enough to a JUSTICE for them would appear somewhere near future.

There are tons of problem in my country too, but the orang asli seem to happy if they lose their culture.

The worst part of it, it is the organisations who claim to be representing the indegenous people who refuse to promote Esperanto. There are few of them ,there is one called Asia Indegenous Peoples. I have emailed them but they did not reply at all.

I wonder they are truthfully doing the job for the Indegenous people.

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