16 February 2013

Ĉu esperantistoj diskriminacas la samseksemanojn ?

Mi provis uzi la googl tradukilon pri tiu sed ne tutbona. Se vi ne povas legi angle, bv uzi tradukilon.

It is disheartening that I realised that some of the Esperantists discriminate the homosexuals.

I am wondering that they are putting the 'rights' in front of their principle or the religions.

Homosexual is not made but borne. As one of the buddist nuns said few years ago that in the world, we have half of the resources. We have the day and night in the weather. We have the man and woman. However, the human race is getting more and more and there came the balance of human race. Certainly, the buddism in Malaysia does not discriminate but according the nun that they do not encourage promiscuity. It would be equally bad if a man or a woman keep many concubines. In fact, the high priest in Malaysia and Singapore had answered this question for more than a decade ago.

The right of the homosexual is listed in the United Nationas but many people, especially those who have been influenced by the religons or who are trying to control the membership number would spring up to the furious and disrespect of the human right.

To my surprise, that many Chinese Esperantists are also in this opposing group despite the Chinese culture has, in thousand of years, no discrimination of homosexuals, and even there is no such 377 law like Malaysia, which was left by the colonial master, Britain, in China to discriminate the homosexuals. But, sadly, the Chinese Esperantists self-imposed the discriminate rules.

There are millions of gays and lesbians in China. If 50% of these homosexuals know Esperanto and support the Esperanto,how would the senario be now. But we are discriminating our own race--human but also forcing them to be more marginalise. We need them, don't we ?

I also realised that many Esperantists in ASEAN also discriminate against the homosexuals. I wish they would change and look into the new aspect of human rights but not merely listening to the BOOK.

One of many facts that many Esperantists did not know that the past President of UEA, Mr John C Wells is a homosexual.

Though there is the LSG, it is also hard to convince the homosexuals to learn Esperanto. But if the Chinese Esperantists would do some promotion with the Ai Bai group, the largest gay consultative group in China and join hand to fight for the human rights and I think this would change the scene in Asia because India is another heavy populated country.

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