26 February 2013

Hope for the Esperanto in Africa

solar panels

This is a good sign and it is the time that we should work harder to create more pages of Esperanto on the internet.

It sounds simple and easy, isn't it.

But it is still the effort of the government to do it.

How much of charges will there be for the rural people ?

We know it is the technology change and the investement of the high technology would not come free of charge. Thus, the cost of internet surfing will be the major issue. Like the wi-fi in Malaysia, it is very costly, not many people can have the services especially in the rural areas.

I wish those in these areas meantioned in the BBC reports would truly have the change bring by the technology but not as a slave to the technology like many countries are facing, that is, the online games are the most welcome than the knowledge transfer.


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