31 December 2012

Orang Asli brothers and sisters, take this example

I have no other means to reach you. I do not speak your language and I knew few of you can speak English either. This the gap between us, and I do speak Esperanto but you don't.

Just wish someone, the good soul and good hearted people can inform you about this world, there is an easy learning language called Esperanto and it was recognised by UNESCO since 1954.

I know many of your leaders, Tok Batin do not believe that Esperanto will help them. I did my best to contact a Tok Batin, but he told me he likes English, and he could not command English despite he has tried hard for the past a quarter of the century.

He certainly wants to hold on to English but his refusal to introduce Esperanto into the community of Orang Asli has made many of you suffer. Do you see that, a wise leader and a unwise leader, the different would make you life much different.

Take the example of this Africa school and the community how Esperanto has changed their life. With more to come in, Esperanto will be the best language for your community to communicate with the world.

I sincerely hope your community leaders would aware of the change of the world. At the same time , please do read again of my article in loyarburok.


The indigenous people appeared in the picture are mostly educated ones. They don't believe Esperanto can help their community because they are educated in another situation.
Can someone write to the below group to tell them more of Esperanto movemove. Many still think Esperanto has dead long time ago but they never use their skill of the modern days--Internet to do the simple search.


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