01 December 2012

EEU should launch a massive campaign

La EEU devu lanci kampanjon pri tiu, chu ne ?

With the cut of allocation, what would be the feeling of the equality of the people in Europe ? I am sure there are strong but at the same time also none of my business attitudes because how many common people can have the chance of becoming the member of the parliament in the EU ?

Of course, it is the good opportunity for the EuropeanEsperanto Union (EEU) to launch a massive campaign of inequality of language representation.

Certainly, I am not eligibility to say so, however, as a human right supporter and linguistic right supporter, I still can voice my personal opinion here.

It would be another means to carry on with the cuts and only remain for the few super power language. Those languages which are in used in the EU parliament, the countries have to shoulder the translation fees. As a member country of the United Nations, I also urged the UN to consider doing so. Our taxpayer money is abused by the superpower countries. Of course, not all are superpower. How many percent of the people in the world is using Russian ?

For the representatives of all international organizations to conduct in Esperanto is simple but the representatives who have to relearn the language, Esperanto, is a challenge. Thus, they would not vote Esperanto to be the official language.

I am a peace lover, but I practise peace with different way. Therefore, I would vote out those representatives who are not willing to change or step down if Esperanto prove too difficult for them.

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