29 December 2012

Money talks

The tragedy of forgoing your mother tongue and exchange for a cup of coffee will go on until the people have the conscious to do the JUSTICE.

I don't know how to help these people, even I cannot help my country folks to get out of poverty without scarifying their cultures and languages.

The rich always control the economy of the country, silly statement, isn't it ? Can the poor run on the stage for the post of the Prime Minister ?

Yes, it can be changed if the people of the country know the power of Esperanto.

The report from the BBC

Prof DeGraff is working with the Matenwa school to try to prove the case for mother tongue education, in studies with the children there, showing - for example - their progress in maths, when taught in Creole.

But if the weight of expert opinion supports mother tongue schooling, not all Haitians agree.

Interestingly, those most opposed tend to come from the poorest backgrounds, who speak little or no French, and see school as the best place to correct that.

Twenty-five-year-old Daphnee Charles, who is among the 1% of Haitians who go to university, attributes her academic success to the Catholic primary school selected by her parents - who did not go to school themselves and speak no French at all.

"You would have [extra] homework to do if the sisters caught you speaking Creole, even during playtime - they didn't want you to speak Creole," she says.


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