17 August 2016

Learning a language is to know the culture ?


Are you being conned into this concept; language and culture.

If you do not know what culture is, check out in the dictionary and study carefully how culture is formed and forgo.

Sometime, back, one lady told me that she wanted to know origami, thus she went to learn Japanese language. This stunned me a lot. What if she wants to learn all the paper foldings in the world, does she have to learn all the languages in the world.

Now, you should realise that language and culture comes hand in hand is not true. Language can be borrowed and culture as well. Let me should you an example of it from my country, Malaysia.

The min nan hua speakers in the northern peninsula of Malaya pray the tian gong or ti gong, the god of sky. But the less popular speakers in this area, like Techow,choa zhou, Kong fu, guang dong etc, would also follow the culture of praying to the god of the sky. These choa zhou and guang dong people have their own cultures, but the min nan people are more in that area and it seems to convert the chao zhou and guang dong into their culture.

Therefore, you should know that, now the language is not related to culture and using Esperanto to inform you about culture is also possible.


 Language and Culture: use of foreign languages harmonious with culture of native speakers; relationships, similarities and differences between languages and cultures of native speakers; languages and cultures of native speakers and Thai culture; and appropriate application
page 253

Is this origami in Japanese ?

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