21 December 2014

Why not use Esperanto in Canada ?

You want your life or you want English ?

The high nose of English speaking Canadians are having problem in their own country. You can use it as you like in your home but it may not in other parts of Canada.

You can keep on making complaints but it would not do much help.

You want your language right, other people also want theirs.

How to solve this problem ?

UNESCO recommended the solution in 1954 but your country and many countries in the world too did not respect the resolution at all.

If you can't speak French, why not speak Esperanto ?

You do not demand your previledge and the local people do not do the same.

All speak in a neutral language, Esperanto.

For the French speaking Canadians, they learn one neutral language, and the English speaking south also learn Esperanto and it is fair that none has previlegde over the other.

If you do not know what Esperanto is, search your Facebook, Twitter or visit MESGo page.

Remember, life is precious and at this emergency time, it is even more precious of time.

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