23 December 2014

Comment:How can developing countries afford to invest in infrastructure?

Those in the boardroom never know what the suffering are outside the room.

These world leaders or the so called executives are well fed generations.

How a country, especially the developing country can save more money ?

UNESCO had given out the proposal long ago since 1954 to teach Esperanto in the schools. The country can save millions of dollars.

Learning English needs 3200 hours but learning Esperanto needs less than 200 hours.

As easy as ABC, why the world leaders and specialists are so poorly informed. If you do not know what Esperanto is, please visit Malaysia Esperanto Studies Group.

No language labs require to teach Esperanto, more are saved

Those who want to learn English, get their tuition outside. We do not deny their right to go to England. They are rich,

The world organisations Esperanto, of course include UN and UNESCO

Less than 20% of the people are using English in this internet epoch. The world organisations, please don't con the people.

Esperanto is the best business language.


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