04 June 2016

Federation of United Nations Association

Can the World Federation of UnitedNations Association committee members wake up. We are in the internet age now.

Your past committee members were really intelligent to make Esperanto as the official language in your organisation. The resolution of in your association was passed before the UNESCO 1985 resolutions were out.

It was passed in 1979. Check it up. 

The UNESCO 1985 resolutions called for the use of Esperanto for all the non-government organisations. Yes, your organisation is one of the non-government associations. But until now, did not see your organisation respect your own resolution and UNESCO resolutions.

Your using of Esperanto can save many poor families, especially their daughters are being sold to the brothel house. Yes, most of you are from the rich family, otherwise, you cannot read this piece of writing.

We do not do it for our own benefits, it is for the future of the children.

Would you like to consider to do so ?

Be wise as your past committee members to use Esperanto. It is late better than none.

Begin now.

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