26 June 2016

ASEAN should not use translators, human or machine, use only Esperanto

How many politicians in the world, especially from Asean region respect UNESCO and UNWTO ?

Of course, non. Otherwise, Esperanto is the common language of ASEAN now.

But these politicians are using the tax payer monies to hire translators for their work.

Can't the politicians speak and write Esperanto, an easy and simple language with high accuracy.

If the politicians do not want to respect the UNESCO and UNWTO resolutions, read more at Malaysia Esperanto Studies Group, the people should take action against these politicians wherever you are in ASEAN.

Take a look of 12 days Esperanto course. http://learn.esperanto.com with more than 19 languages till this date.


Yes, we are the people of ASEAN and Esperanto should be the official language of ASEAN.

Come together and wake up the politicians in our countries.

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