14 June 2016

Comment: Experts Say Bahasa Indonesia Must Be Internationalized as ASEAN Official Language

Can you see how Esperanto can help your children for better improve in brain building

Esperanto should be the Asean official language.

Many governments know about Esperanto but they just ignored it.

Of course, they do not respect UNESCO and UNWTO calling to use Esperanto especially the non-government organisations (NGOs) until now,only a handful respect the 1985 resolutions to use Esperanto.

English is in the decline but these NGOs are controlled by the rich people. Thus, they igonor the resolution. Download the full resolution in UNESCO official website, search with the word, Esperanto. You may read it at Malaysia Esperanto Studies Group.

As I have mentioned times and again, Esperanto is the best choice for Asean Community.

You can search it on my blog. I am not going to repeat that here. However, I am just like to tell you that learning Esperanto is much easier than learning Bahasa Indonesia.

You can try it at the learn Esperanto in 12 days site to feel for yourself. It has more than 15 languages now. You can choose your mother tongue there, perhaps.


Using any other languages from ASEAN community is unfair to all people in ASEAN Community. The bad idea of using the population is a backward thinking.

In the internet age, we can easily find many learning information of Esperanto online.

Therefore, not a big investment to learn a common language for Asean Community if the people of Asean community know about Esperanto.

Just imagine, after 12 days, you can already communicate with your friends from Asean region and of course, in the world too.


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