26 January 2016

Native language speaking freak and silly language experts

I could not understand why Esperantists must waste time to argue with these freaks.

They learn language, but they do not learn history. What a shame !

Darwin's evolution theory, to some, is accepted. Of course, argument still goes on because some other see the others.

Watch this documentary and decide for yourself, which language is not made and created. Look at your ancestors and mine too. Did they have languages or sounds ?

The professors of languages, please wake up in this internet age.

It is not all your students agreed with you but they nodded and even wrote articles according to your will --- Esperanto is a unreal language is because they need the certificate for survival.

Sorry, I am not. I will give you my middle finger.

Esperanto was not planned in a day but in decades. If the group of people were to use it immediately, it might be already the so called nature language.

But, certainly, by the mass and without filtering the parts of sentences, Esperanto would be again fell into the difficult learning language. It makes not meaning for the economy of language.

Lingusits, look into the economy of language, do not hang onto your past, those silly theory, of nature and unnatural languages.

Now, think about a scenario. If there is a country, the king created a language, and he wanted all the people to use it in the country. Decades later, what the language would be ? Is it a nature language or man-made language.

Look at the colony language, English, how it evolves over the time and borrows many words as they colonised more places.

You call this as evolution or it is a borrowing of words because you do not have sufficient words to express.

Word created because it is needed, not because it is for fun.

SNOW will never occur in Malaysia, does the word significant ?

Why travelling should be in double L in British English but is accepted with a single L in American English. Who created the language ?

If it is not because United States of America so rich, I do not think the world would accept America English more than British English.

One day, Esperanto is the 7th United Nations official language. What would your comment be ?

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