30 January 2016

Esperanto is the second language in each home, no native speaker is required.

do you want to learn so many languages from ASEAN?

Why UNESCO recommended Esperanto as the international language ?

Not only UNESCO recommended it but also UNWTO

It is for everyone to be second language at home and in the international scene. Just read the 1985 UNESCO resolution, search it at the UNESCO official website to download the resolution.

Do not be a silly person to follow other people to ask for native speakers.

How the native speakers come from ? Read my earlier post about the nature language freak.

Esperanto is an economical language. You need less than 200 hours but other languages need more than 700 hours to learn.

Why we learn foreign language ?

It is to communicate with others. Many said that, I am also agreed too.

Do you want spend thousand of hours to learn a language and only for a few communities or you want to use less than 200 hours to learn a language and speak to the world ?

What is the problem that you might face is that your foreign language might not be able to understood by the communities, for example, English, the British and Americans might not be able to understand your English, like Manglish from Malaysia, Chinglish from China.

Now consider it, why waste time to learn so many foreign languages and you might not possible use it.

There are many online learning courses. Go to Malaysia Esperanto Studies Group and take a look of it.

Please do not ask for native speaker of  Esperanto, that is a bad argument and of course, it is a bad idea, it shows that you know nothing about language.

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