12 January 2016

Do not trust the machine translators

What are the limitations ?

Unless you are one has overcome the limitations after 2009.

Why not just learn Esperanto, a hundred hours on average can take you to the intermediate level, something like the IELTS 6 band or even higher.

Machine translator cannot identify the change of the language usage, even human translators are facing tons of difficulties.

Still being fooled by those who opposed Esperanto ?

Just think, why UNESCO and UNWTO recommended the use of Esperanto.

If you want to be fool and fooled by the fools, go ahead to face many misunderstanding in future.


If not, take the course in lernu, with more than 40 languages online or Duolingo free of charge, until this moment.




If you are from ASEAN region, there are 9 languages of the 10 countries that you can have the learning materials.

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