30 December 2015

You can never learn your English language good

Yes, if a language is changing than the 100 m runner, do you think you can keep up with your command of the language, especially if you are not the native speaker of English

Probably, the native speakers of English would unable to keep up the pace of the change of English.

If you are smart and do not want to waste too much time in learning that fast pace changing language, you should start to learn Esperanto. Within 200 hours, you are already able to write and speak well.

Certainly, you do not have to worry about the change of the words in Esperanto.

Want to know more about Esperanto, not in the wikipedia data, too many mislead information, especially the native speakers of  Esperanto.

UNESCO recommended Esperanto as the second language of every home, thus Esperanto does not need native speakers.


Yes, read more at Malaysia Esperanto Studies Group

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