22 December 2015

How many Esperanto speakers in the world

Can you know how many stamp collectors in the world ?

This question is being asked in many forums and all over the web.

Do you know how many people play badminton in the world ?

Well, if you ask how many people in the world use Esperanto, the answer is similar to the above questions.

Esperanto is the second language of each home. It supposed to be.

When it happens to be the day, Esperanto is the second language in each home, you should know how many people use Esperanto.

Not so new data from Cambridge University said:

Estimates vary about the number of fluent speakers, from less than 1 million to over 15 million. 


Certainly, the number is growing by now.

Esperanto is an easy learning language, you do not have to spend years in the basic course. Just in 150 hours, you can reach the intermediate level.

Take a look of this young lady, she completed the Duolingo Esperanto course in 3 days.

Certainly, finishing the exercises  does not qualified you as the fluent users.

Next, Esperanto has 40% of  English words from Latin, thus, English language speakers would be faster learners.

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