05 March 2015

You feed the British with your hard earn money

How many Malaysians are awaken from the colonial days.

Even they are highly educated, they still do not wake up from the sleep, especially the politicians, mostly are poisoned by the English mediums and they went to the English speaking countries too, of course.

The people in Malaysia know how to use Facebook to play games, bought expensive mobile phones for game sessions.

Low education and bad media system, make these people even worse.

Equality is not in the list of politicians in Malaysia.

Can the people read ? Your guess is probably as good as mine.

If they can read the below paragraph, they should  wake up and promote Esperanto.

Why should we be in interested in this area of English language teaching when most of it happens in countries far away from our own? David Graddol, our leading expert on the economy of English language teaching, suggests that the English language teaching industry directly contributes 1.3 billion pounds annually to the British economy and up to 10 billion pounds indirectly through English language education related activities. This sector is a huge beneficiary to the British economy, yet its importance is widely unacknowledged. For example, in terms of investigating English language teaching, it is extremely difficult in England to get substantial funding, particularly when the focus is on countries overseas. - See more at: http://blog.oup.com/2014/08/children-learning-english-educational-revolution/#sthash.XVZLD9p8.dpuf

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