13 March 2015

Set up a page for frequently asked Questions and Answers

As the world populations are growing bigger, the senior citizens are inevitably increasing too. More and more educated senior citizens are online each day.

If you are a frequently users of lernu.net, you can see many forum questions are repeated over the years. The beginners of Esperanto will have tons of doubts , as we passed through the similar pace, especially one is a lone learner who cannot find anyone nearby to discuss. Searching online for help is the only way.

Until now, no one has done a Q n A page on lernu or in his/her blog page.

Those who spend a great deal of time in lernu or Facebook group to answer the question can compile the questions and answers and lernu should consider to start a new part in this in its page. Of course, the Q n A page would be mostly in the tribal languages.

The Q n A can be divided in various levels, like A, B,C and even possible to be in A1, A2, B1, B2, C1,C2. Those who have blogs can re-post the Q n A from lernu, and do not forget to link the page from lernu. If more blogs are carrying the Q n A from lernu, it would be much easier for the search online.

Why go around and round and wasting the time in arguing when one is not an expert in the language. Would the sentence, I have travelled broad and wide and I have met many Esperanto speakers and all of us use this way, able to convince you ?

Besides, the beginners are likely to created new vocabulary. As they know Esperanto is a planned language, everyone can put a part of it in the language. As they are not reaching the level and they are very often taking the words from their own culture and tribal language. This would eventually crrating a more problems for the Esperanto learners.

Until now, I could hardly see a artist, singer of Esperanto come forward to argue in the lernu page. Mostly are th language lovers. These language lovers do not have the feeling for the non language talented people who, maybe not language lover, would use as simple as possible. I am one of those people as language is not my cup of tea.

If Esperanto speakers can think in this way, Esperanto cannot be created a new word, it has to be recycled from the vocabulary list, it would save up a lot of time in arguing. Unless, Esperanto is really insufficient in many aspects. Take Chinese language as a good example. It is not a spelt language, thus, they cannot create a new word, they have to search for whatever words in the Chinese vocabulary and replaced it. This makes learning much easier if it happens in Esperanto.

Of course, you may say the recently created Chinese combined word of Jacky Chan—Duang, it would not be able to survived for long as it is not the main stream of word to be used in the language.

Those who like to be filmed or interested in doing a action Q n A can consider using youtube resources for it.

Good luck.

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