13 April 2012

Projektoj por la 125 Esperanto

I wrote about this topic in the past and you still can search for it with the competition, I think.

What I am suggesting is any good, kind souls of the Esperanto world could consider to come out with something like this. It just need some technical and minimum amount of money.

The writing competitons would enhance the learning of Esperanto especially the new learners.

The project can continue to the a year or even more as this is a special project. It may be good to be ended this year, however, to keep the writing spirit on, unless, can do it yearly or once in two years otherwise it is not a wise to end this year.

Many of us who participate in this project did not claim a single cent of money, just an electronic piece of certificate and we were happy.

For me, I took that to challenge my ability of discipline , to sit and write for a month. It is not much of the publication of price money.

Time is running short, I do not want to pin point which organisation should do it, it can be also on a friendly project, of course, if possible with endorsement from the world body, UEA, it would be good.

It should be reminded that it can be in many categories, from the children to adults and from few months, like the short essay writings, to a full length novel in two years. By doing so, we can have maybe some film manuscripts and new original Esperanto literature work.

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