04 April 2012

Please feel more for the underdeveloped countries

Time and again, I talked and talked about the rich and poor countries. Of course, the Esperantists are more caring to this issues, of course not all though.

I do not like to pin on who and which. I just like to voice my problem though I am not from the third world countries, the living condition,especially the technology part is not far away from the third world.

Certainly my country folks would say it is a rubbish complaints. They would have to go to the Gunung Tahan to feel it if you do not agree it.

What technology part that i am unhappy with is the webpages of the major events. I know the technques of writing web script in the developed countries are good. However, do consider someone, or many people still using the GPRS speed to go online.

Of course, it is not all people in Malaysia using GPRS speed, however, there are many in the world. Thus if Esperanto is going to be spread to these people, and they are the ones who needed it more than others.

I am not prasing the gmail at least, they have the slow connection page when I login the mail. See, this is how it goes. I cannot use the yahoo mail and only gmail.

If the page designer or so called webmaster could go out to the field to have a taste of the GPRS speeed, certainly s/he would feel the frustrations.

Don't tell me to use the landline, internet connection in Malaysia is very costly.

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